Sunday, March 18, 2012

C-R-Y Charity Heart Screening.

This weekend Leatside Surgery hosted a 7-person team from the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young.
They had been invited by Kevin and Linda Marsden who had been fundraising for such an event since their 21 year old son Oliver died 2 years ago.
He had been perfectly fit and healthy, right up to the moment he died.
There was no clue at all that he had a life-threatening condition until it killed him.
He was found to have ARVC or arrythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy, which is one of many potentially fatal conditions of the heart affecting youngsters.
Cardiac screening is the only effective way to identify these cardiac condition when they are causing no symptoms.
On average there are 12-16 such sudden cardiac deaths each week in the UK.

The team below came and ran the screening event:

Tony Hill from CRY
Rebecca Howes from CRY
Dr Martina Muggenthaler, Cardiology Specialist Registrar and researcher from St George's Hospital in London
Rob Pring, Cardiac Physiologist at Treliske
Sam Bowen, Echocardiographer from University Hospital, Cardiff
Kate Miller, Freelance Cardiac Physiologist
Jon Senior, Warwick University Medical Student

Between the lot of them they managed to get 200 young people to fill in a cardiac and general health questionnaire; have a screening ECG, have an discussion about the findings with the doctor and have an echocardiogram if needed.
Where any findings warranted further investigations detailed letter has been sent to their doctor with recommendations.

It is odd but the greatest result from all the effort involved is to find nothing wrong with anyone.
Over the weekend we thankfully didn't pick up any really serious problems but there were a few cases where the heart will need a bit of a closer look-at.
This happened to be the same weekend that Fabrice Muamba had a cardiac arrest on the football field. Thankfully he survived and got to hospital, which the majority don't.

It was a fabulous weekend of effort and a pleasure to meet and assist this dedicated team of staff who have chosen to help the charity in their weekend.

L>R Tony, Kate, Rob, Kevin, Linda, Jon, Rebecca, Martina

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